About us

Your mat is your sacred space.

Your mat is where you learn to uncover who you truly are: a Yogi.

It is where stress, negativity, and even calories, Melt away. It is where the incessant stream of thoughts finally Melt from your mind as you disconnect from the world around you.

Conceptualised by Simi Melwani, who quit her job as an actress to become a yoga instructor, Melt Yoga symbolises her journey towards a sustainable and dharma-driven lifestyle:

‘Dharma’ in Sanskrit means ‘duty’, and this duty helps us to understand our purpose in the world, the essence of our ‘being’. Dharma is central to every aspect of a yogi’s practice, and is therefore the principal around which Melt Yoga mats are imagined, created and produced by Simi:

When I made the move to yoga, I wanted a mat that motivated me, that mirrored my love for yoga - that’s when I created the concept and design for the ‘Enchanted Lotus’ mat. The Lotus has always held particular significance for me; surrounded by dirt and mud, it floats beautifully and glides calmly above it all, unaffected by its surroundings. Yoga has had a similar effect in my life; learning to power through difficult poses has made me resilient during the ebbs and flows of life. In the same way, I want our line of designs to inspire you to discover yourself through yoga - for your mat to reflect the best version of you.

The word Melt for me is a very soothing one; the minute that I lie down on my yoga mat, I feel myself automatically letting go of everything that I’m holding on to. I completely melt into my mat as my muscles relax, my mind calms, and my breathing stills. By the end of my session, I feel the closeness between myself and the ground. I feel like I’ve melted into the Earth itself. My dream at Melt Yoga is for everyone to practice yoga with a clear conscience; with a true sense of dharma and a clean slate of karma. That’s why Melt mats are eco-friendly and bio-renewable.”

So do your dharma: Melt into your mat and deepen your practice.

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